Lessons in Student Motivation

Errol Craig Sull, MA, Columnist, USA Today;Dell 2005 College Teacher of Excellence

Fides et Labor: A Student's View of the Motivation to Learn and Live

Ben Gardner, Student, Park University

A Student's View of Student Motivation

Cheryl Toby, Student, Park University


Andragogy and Pedagogy as Foundational Theory for Student Motivation in Higher Education

Stephen Pew, PhD, Executive Director and Associate Professor of Healthcare Leadership, Park University

Inspiring Student Self-Motivation

Virginia Brackett, PhD, Assistant Professor of English, Park University

Student Motivation in Computer Networking Courses

Wen-Jung Hsin, PhD, Associate Professor of Information and Computer Science, Park University

The Little Engine That Could - How to Start the Motor? Motivating the Online Student

Kay Dennis, EdD, Assistant Professor of Adult Education, Park University
Lisa Bunkowski, PhD, Assistant Professor of History, Park University
Michael Eskey, PhD, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Park University

Positive Expectations: A Reflective Tale on the Teaching of Writing

Lolly Ockerstrom, PhD, Assistant Professor of English, Park University

Cooperative Learning, Responsibility, Ambiguity, Controversy and Support in Motivating Students

Ronald Brecke, PhD, Professor of Political Science, Park University
Jacy Jensen, Student, Park University

A Unique Review Strategy that Motivates Student Learning

Donald L. Williams, EdD, Associate Professor of Biology, Park University

An Investigation of Students' Attitudes and Motivations Toward Online Learning

Evelyn Knowles, PhD, Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Park University
Dennis Kerkman, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology, Park University